A 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to empower all generations to find, create, and maintain peace through our various programs. We endeavor to offer a compassionately safe environment, supportive community, and an experience of healing to families who have experienced trauma.
About us

You have the power to create your PEACE!

iCreatePeace.org, formerly doing business as Beautiful Breasted Hearts Foundation, began its mission in 2018, and in February 2022 the organization became an official 501©(3) Non-Profit Organization.  After battling Breast Cancer and overcoming her own personal experiences with the SAAD Woman Syndrome (Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression), our Founder and Executive Director, Czarina Matthews, found PEACE while going through a very traumatic situation. She is a firm believer in giving back to her community, and thus, formed this organization to share God’s Gift of Peace with the world and to let those who are silently suffering know that they are not alone.

Our Programs:

Boss Your Peace Academy

We endeavor to save children & youth drowning in their emotions with no knowledge of how to manage them. Our goal is to help children and youth recognize negative emotions and heal from traumatic experiences through music, art, dance, written expression and theater, while learning life lessons, cultivating their gifts, and embracing peace.


From Pieces to Peace

We endeavor to provide a safe space and a healthy supportive community for overwhelmed parents. Our goal is to build healthy families, while teaching parents how to set boundaries between rest, respect, and relationships. We want to help heal the broken pieces and put them back together so families can be whole and have peace.

Beautiful Breasted Hearts Program

Through our Annual Pink Christmas Campaign, we endeavor to bring Hope and Peace to Breast Cancer Patients and their families, during the Christmas Season. Our goal is to be a financial blessing to patients who are currently in treatment and unemployed due to an extended amount of time away from work. 

Million Dollar Smiles Community Outreach Initiative

By conducting one random act of kindness each month for people within our community, we endeavor to give hope and bring peace to the communities we serve.

Our Why
  • Because 50% of all lifetime Mental Illness begins by age 14
  • Because 3 million adolescents had serious thoughts of suicide in 2020
  • Because 1 in 5 adults experience Mental Illness
  • Because suicide was the SECOND leading cause of death among youth ages 10-14yrs and young adults ages 24-35yrs
  • Because our Founder has had her own personal experiences with Mental Health
  • Because nobody should feel ashamed to ask for help
  • Because nobody should fight alone

    Because Mental Health and Inner Peace Matters!
Our Approach
  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Confidence
  • Character
  • We PROMISE to offer healing with gentleness and care.
  • We PROMISE to communicate & understand with Compassion.
  • We PROMISE to build healthy self-esteem and confidence.
  • We PROMISE to encourage good character.

This campaign is to raise funds for Breast Cancer patients and their families who have lost their jobs while going through treatment. This campaign was created to eliminate the stress and worry, during the Christmas Season. Through our actions, breast cancer patients will feel loved, uplifted, and supported. Please consider donating a gift of any amount to this great cause.

A HUGE Thanks to our 2022 Pink Christmas Campaign Supporters!”

  • John Matthews & Family
  • Keys to Peace Realty
  • Rose Carey
  • Ben & Lesia Davis
  • Mr. & Mrs. La Zette (DJ) Smith & Family
  • Catina Smith & Family
  • Ebony Lewis
  • Tyronza Fore
  • Cortez Smith & Family
  • Roberta Thomas & Family
Want to make a difference?

Your monetary donations go directly to supporting the mission of iCreate Peace and it’s programs.